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QA specialist

Serving one of our major clients’ software and marketing localization needs involves a quality assurance process after the in-country translation and editing phase. Our QA team consists of both internal and freelance linguists. We are currently looking for freelance translators, proofreaders, editors or quality assurance specialists open for long-term cooperation and regular multilingual quality assurance jobs (on a weekly or even a daily basis).

Task description:

  • Simultaneous, machine-translation assisted review of multiple translations based on an English-language source text
  • Independent correction of formal errors (e.g. punctuation, numbers and dates, formatting and other codes), spell-checking
  • Reviewing the translations’ content and language quality and contacting the in-country translators for the correction of emerging issues (e.g. misinterpretations or linguistic errors)
  • Terminology review (for adequacy and consistency) based on the resources available (term bases, translation memories, websites or software interfaces)
  • Query management: ensuring that the queries posed by the translators and answered by the client and the instructions received for the translation project have been implemented across all target languages (e.g. spelling of specific product names, non-translatable words, interpretation of ambiguous parts of the source text)



  • Independent contractor with the ability to issue invoices
  • Excellent command of English
  • Intermediate proficiency of German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian
  • Attention to detail, meticulousness, systemic approach
  • Ability to cope with monotony (in case of larger projects) and stress (in case of smaller projects)
  • Good cooperation and communication skills



  • Intermediate proficiency of Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Russian
  • Interest in technology
  • Experience with machine translation tools
  • Experience in working with localization service companies
  • Translation, editing or proofreading experience (particularly in teams; experience with giving, receiving or managing feedback)



  • Long-term, regular work on a weekly or daily basis
  • Comprehensive onboarding and training
  • Teamwork: continuous support, platforms to discuss issues and dilemmas
  • Active participation in espell’s daily work with opportunities to work on other tasks or participate in further projects
  • Invitation to the company’s after-hours programs (e.g. concerts, team-building), as the pandemic permits