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Factors that impact price

1. Workflow: Standard (translation with editing) or Business-critical (translation with editing, followed by a separate review of the final output, e.g. a PDF generated from a translated InDesign file or rendered HTML pages).

2. Language pairs

3. Volume optimization: espell offers a discount on repeated sentences (“segments”) within each project. Further discounts may be available by reusing previous translations or excluding non-translatables from the net word count.

4. Volume discounts: Discounts can be negotiated for large or recurring volumes, e.g. if a frame agreement is concluded.

5. Content type: Rates differ between standard text, non-contiguous text (such as software strings or voice prompts), and text that requires adaptation (like marketing or promotional content). For customers who choose a frame agreement, we provide a Rate Schedule with the exact terms and definitions for the various content types and, optionally, an SLA for related service levels.

6. File format: espell’s in-house engineers support all file formats from PDF and DTP files (including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and FrameMaker) to HTML/XHTML/XML, Java properties and software resource files, as well as multimedia and audio-video content.

7. Units of measure for translation rates: While espell generally applies source-word-based rates following standard international practice, it also offers rates based on target lines, pages, or characters (primarily for Austrian, German, Hungarian and Swiss customers). Feel free to contact us for a PDF describing the price advantages and other benefits of source-word-based pricing.

8. Minimum charge and surcharges: Orders are subject to a minimum charge, and express delivery is subject to an express charge; DTP/engineering fees may also apply. If you have frequent low-volume translation jobs where prompt delivery is critical, feel free to contact us for further service-level details and guaranteed response times. We can offer you a flexible, tailored solution.